Our philosophy at CC&A is that architecture is an engineering art form, probably the most technologically intensive of all art forms, and secondly, that it is an intrinsically business related field. With that in mind, the purpose of our firm is to produce the most creative designs with the optimal profit margin and cost efficiency. Fortunately this has been evident in most of our long list of construction projects throughout the Middle East and Africa.


Our tradition of aiming at excellence has been maintained through team effort in a professional atmosphere. Our expertise in the field of construction encompasses design and execution of small villas and residential complexes as well as large scale places, hotels and military compound and even city design.


CC&A is a regional firm whose management reflect more than 30 years of combined experience, working throughout the Middle East and Africa, offering services in architecture, planning, and interior design. CC&A utilizes AutoCADĀ® software and 3D studio, and rendering animation software that permits us to produce high quality rendered stills and animated walkthroughs, allowing our clients to visualize their projects in their entirety prior to execution.