i, momFakra Private ChaletAl Falaj HotelAjmakan VillasYarzeh 5605

i, mom

Category: Commercial

Fakra Private Chalet

Category: Residential

Al Falaj Hotel

Muscat, Oman

Category: Commercial

Ajmakan Villas

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Category: Residential

Yarzeh 5605

Yarzeh, Lebanon

Category: Residential

Consolidated Consultants & Associates

CC&A is an architectural and engineering firm, providing building consultancy services.

CC&A is able to provide building design and program management services that aim for high added value and that respect regional and national characteristics in the following sectors:

Commercial, Transport, Industrial, Public buildings, Educational, Healthcare, Hotels & Leisure, Residential, and Facilities planning.

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CC&A s.a.r.l

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Gemayzeh , Beirut , Lebanon
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